At Little Stars, we offer full-day child care for infant, toddler, and pre-school age children, in addition to an AM Preschool Program and a Summer School-age Program . To learn more details about the programs that we offer you and your child, please, visit our Program page to discover where your child will begin their educational experience!

Starlight Room

3-5 years – Preschool

The Starlight Room is a mixed age classroom which has children 3-5 years of age. It is our part time classroom.
The class size is no more than 15 preschoolers with 2 staff.
We follow the Creative Curriculum’s developmental milestones including academic, self help and social and emotional development.

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Rainbow Room

60 Months – Kindergarten

Red Room

50 – 59 Months

Orange Room

40 – 49 Months

As their independence grows they are really developing the ability to express themselves through their thoughts, ideas and ever-expanding vocabulary. Our staff encourages each child to participate in both active and quiet activities that are teacher and child-directed to develop their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development as they explore their environment.  

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Yellow Room

30 – 39 Months

During this stage of development, toddlers continue to expand their growing vocabulary at an amazing rate while beginning to increase their assertiveness and independence.  We encourage children to learn and explore their environment through a stimulating and consistent daily routine, while providing boundaries to guide them safely though their day as they discover the world around them!

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Green Room

22 – 29 Months

This is an exciting stage for children as they are increasing their verbal and physical skills while actively exploring their environment.  At this age they are developing a more consistent daily routine that also provides the opportunity for developing communication and building relationships with other children that is important throughout their day-to-day interactions.

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Blue Room

14 – 21 Months

As your infant begins to develop the ability to move and explore their environment, we continue to provide nurturing relationships where the caregivers provide the opportunity for each infant to discover and learn about the world around them through a variety of activities and sensory experiences.

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Infant Rooms

6 Weeks – 14 Months

Little Stars has two infant rooms.  Lavender, which is 6 weeks to 8 months, and Purple, which is 9 to 15 months.  In both rooms teachers interact with the children in their care and do art projects as well as other developmentally appropriate activities.  

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