Starlight Newsletter

Hello Starlight parents!


It is now October which means the weather can be all sorts of crazy! Please make sure to check the weather and dress your child appropriately to be outside so they are comfortable!

Please try to refrain from bringing toys from home to daycare, I understand you need to pick and choose your battles somedays, but it is very hard to keep track of a child’s toy in the mix of all of our toys.

Please to make sure your child always has an extra set of clothes in their cubby and a blanket and pillow for nap. If your child is in need of extra diapers or wipes, we will send home a reminder to you!

This month our Social/ Emotional themes are ‘focusing attention’, ‘self-talk’, ‘following directions’ and ‘asking for what you need or want’- these are weekly themes we work on and our monthly theme will be apples/trees/fall theme!


Our Fall Festival will be on October 24thand I would love to see everyone there!


Thank you! Miss Lauren and the Starlight staff