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Lesson Plans – Green Room

February 22nd   –February 26th

Unit Topic

Red, White, and Blue

Toys & Games


Color boxes

Shape sorters

Dramatic Play



You’re a Grand Old Flag

Music & Movement

“You’re a Grand Old Flag”

“Wave, Wave, Wave the Flag”


Color a flag

Collage Flag

Table painting/ star art


Snow painting

Food Experience

None this week.


Look for flags

Large Muscle

Color jumping

Flag parade


Work on identifying shapes and colors &  Practice taking turns

Weekly News:

After a Valentine’s interlude, we got back into our “In Our Community” unit with a focus on buses.  The children had fun watching for buses to drive by, making a bus collage, and singing “The Wheels on the Bus.”  On Thursday, we had an especially exciting walk around the block.  First of all, it was actually warm enough to go outside.  That was exciting in and of itself, but it got better.  We saw a mail truck, a purple bus, and a yellow bus.  We saw two doggies.  And we saw bunnies!!!!  One of the neighbors has pet rabbits that practically hopped right out to us!  That made it pretty much the best walk ever.  (Except for one of our friends who was terrified of the bunnies.)

  This week we wrap up February’s community unit with a focus on flags, stars, and the colors red, white, and blue.  We look forward to marching with flags, making a flag collage, and working on shape and color recognition.  We hope to get plenty of outside time, too.