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Lesson Plans – Blue Room

Blue Room Lesson Plan

July 1st to July16th

Circle Time

Children are seated in a circle either on their chairs or the floor. Most of the time, an object is passed around the circle to show whose turn it is to speak. Some of the activities in a circle time include musical games, cooperative games, talking and listening exercises, drama activities and a lot more!

Motor Skills

Hopping and jumping require strong gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Hopscotch is a simple way to practice those skills. (As a bonus, it can help practice number skills, too!)

Social and Language

Social-emotional skills  Turn- taking and patience, as well as working together. In addition, this game helps with identifying colors and shapes.

Music & Movement

All our favorite song and dance
Baby shark
Large Muscle


Finger painting


Play dough


Matching the object


Playing with cars


put together basic puzzles


Going for buggy Ride