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Little Stars Newsletter

Little Stars Center News

July 2021

Please slow down when entering and exiting the parking lot.  We have several small children getting in and out of cars.


Please walk your child to their classroom and make sure that the staff know that they have arrived.  It is very important that our staff greet your child and help make that transition from home to school more comfortable.


Bring in Sunscreen.  No Spray sunscreen Please!!!


Journey Willaert is July Employee of the month.  She works in our infant rooms.  She has been at Little Stars since December 2020.


Lavender Room News:

month of July we are excited to welcome three new friends to the Lavender room; Olivine, Aria, and Gabrielle!   We are also going to be saying goodbye to Penelope as she is making her way into the Purple room!  We are sad to see her leaving our room, but so excited to watch her grow and enjoy her new classroom!

            This month we will be creating art projects inspired by summer. We will also be creating Fourth of July crafts to decorate our room.  Throughout this month we will be reading books focused on the outdoors and animals.  As long as the weather permits we will be going outside as much as possible to enjoy the summer weather!

            As always we are taking all precautions that we can to keep everyone safe and healthy, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to let us know! Thank you!

            Miss Serena & The Lavender Room Team



Purple Room News:

It’s finally summertime! Last month we spent a lot of time outdoors on our playground where the kids had fun crawling in the grass, as well as many buggie rides which always gets the kids excited.

In the month of July, we will again be taking advantage of the nice weather with the goal of going outside at least once a day. Many of the kids in the class are beginning to stand and walk, so our activities in the classroom will be centered around gaining balance and mobility. We will also be doing a number of sensory activities like playing with water and finger painting.

We also ask that you make sure that the children’s extra clothing in their cubbies are weather appropriate and in their correct size.

Thank you all for another great month! If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Miss. Sydney and the Purple Room Team


Blue Room News:


Last month in The Blue Room, we did a unit on summer. We made summer art projects, played outside as much as we could, and much more. We also made Father’s Day cards for our dads. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will celebrate The Fourth Of July. We will do art projects related to it, read some books about it, play with American flags, and more. It looks to be a fun and exciting month!

As always, if you have any questions, let us know.

Stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Kita and the Blue Room Team


Green Room News:


It’s hard to believe that June is already over!  The Green Room friends spent the month finishing our alphabet unit and welcoming Summer.  Some of their favorite projects included feeling “wind” from a fan, splashing in water, catching ants, going on a picnic and painting with spray bottles.

This month’s theme is “Summer Destinations,” with topics such as camping, concerts, and the beach to guide our fun.  Of course, we will also be celebrating Independence Day!  We look forward to a month of exciting learning opportunities.

While sandals may be synonymous with summer time, they are unfortunately not very safe for the playground.  If your child does not wear socks and tennis shoes to school, please send some along for your child to wear outside.  Thank you.

Ms. Rosemary and the Green Room Team.


Yellow Room News:

Last month in The Yellow Room, we did units on music, friendship, the beach, and more. We also celebrated the official start of summer! Some of our activities included singing all of our favorite songs, making a “We Are All Friends In The Yellow Room” poster, reading 1,2,3 By The Sea by Dianne Moritz, coloring ice cream cones for our summer bulletin board, and more. We also said goodbye to Owen, Tess, and Ellie as they transitioned to The Orange Room and we welcomed Hunter and Logan from The Green Room and Franny and Bri who are returning to Little Stars after some time at home. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will do units on health/taking care of ourselves, summer fairs, camping, picnics, and more. We will also celebrate the Fourth Of July! It looks to be a fun and exciting month!

As always, if you have any questions, let us
Stay safe and healthy!
Mrs. Julia and the Yellow Room Team


Orange Room News:


In June, we focused on Memorial Day, Ice Cream, Father’s Day, and Summer. The end of June and beginning of July we will be focusing on the 4th of July. Some of our activities that we completed were American flags, Ice Cream in a Bag, Father’s Day crafts, suns, and popsicles. We also continued working on our alphabet and numbers throughout the month. This month, July, our themes will be focused on 4th of July, Water, Camping, Beach/Ocean, Bugs/Insects. Throughout the month, we will also continue focusing heavily on our social and emotional choices.

In July, we will also say goodbye to our friends Eliott and Evan as they are going to be transitioning into the Red Room and we will be welcoming our new friends Emma, Cora, and Rebecca, who will be transitioning from Yellow Room.

Lastly, I will be on vacation from July 2nd- July 9th. If you have any questions or concerns, please see the staff in the classroom or feel free to reach out to me.


  • Make sure your child has all the proper gear for outside!
  • Please make sure your child has extra clothes in case of any accidents!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free let me know!

– Ms. Paige and the Orange Room


Red Room News:

Hello red room families, last month we welcomed four new friends from the orange room into the classroom and said goodbye to four friends transitioning to the rainbow room. We dove into the world of fairytales, zoo animals, learned about

rhyming words and created our vowel shark flip books. This month we are going to learn all about the fourth of July, the Carnival/Fairs and the importance of friendship. We will work on full body listening, new yoga poses, along with many more

fun activities.


Please keep an extra set of clothes for your child in their cubbies in case of accidents or spills.

Please make sure your child has sunscreen, preferably lotion not spray!

Also please make sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes for outside time.

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to contact me!

Miss Norma and the Red Room Team


Rainbow Room News:

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU COME INTO THE CLASSROOM WITH YOUR CHILD WHEN DROPPING THEM OFF! Make sure a staff member knows that your child has arrived. Summer is here! Please have extra clothes for you child at school in case we play in the rain!

This month will be all about summer fun. Plenty of activities for pirates and mermaids alike. We will also have some more fun cooking activities.

Please remember that we are closed July 5.

Ms. Lorena and the Rainbow Rom Team



2021 Closing Dates

 July 5th – Independence Day

August 5th & August 6th – Teacher Workshop/Maintenance

September 6th – Labor Day

November 25th & November 26th – Thanksgiving

December 24th & December 27th – Christmas

December 31st – New Year’s Eve