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Little Stars Center News

May 2019


Thank you to everyone that participated in the Spring fundraiser.  We are excited to get some items for our dramatic play areas in the classrooms.  Delivery of all items will be May 21st from 3 – 6.


Mark your calendars!  Little Stars family picnic will be on June 20th at Sibley Park.  More information will be posted when we get closer to the date.


If your child is having a change in his/her schedule for the summer, please let Rhonda know ASAP.  Also, if your child is heading to kindergarten, let her know your expected last day.


Make sure that your child has closed toed/closed healed shoes for playing outside.


Featured Staff of the Month!

Olivia Wiese is the employee of the month for May!  Olivia started in April 2019 and works in the Starlight Room.


Lavender Room News:

We had two friends move to the Purple room last month, Cecilia and Livia.  Lavender room misses them both but we are excited to see how much fun they are having in Purple. This month we won’t be welcoming any new friends into the

Lavender room (crazy, right?) but we will be seeing a lot of new faces this summer!

As the weather is warming up, remember to bring in some summer clothes in case of any emergency outfit changes during the day. We love our big windows in the classroom but in the summer, it can get warm in the room.

Little Stars will be closed Monday the 27th for Memorial Day. Fingers crossed the weather will be nice and we will be able to enjoy some family time outside over the long weekend!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of the Lavender Room staff!

– Ms. Sarah and the Lavender Room


Purple Room News:

Last month we transitioned Mahnoor, Gia  and Isabella to the blue room. They are doing very well with their new friends and teachers as they learn new things and develop new ways throughout the year in the Blue Room. Lavender Room also transitioned two of their girls, Livia and Cecilia. They both are doing awesome and really enjoy the new changes of the room.

May is here! We are definitely going to make sure we get some fresh air out in our little play area as well as going on walks in our buggies. If it seems to be raining or bad weather, we will be playing more in the muscle room. So far, the days seem to be warm enough to make it outside in the afternoons. Thanks for everyone that brought in sunscreen. The days are going to get hotter and it’s good to keep the kids protected from the hot sun.

Also, just a reminder to make sure the kids have at least two or three extra pairs of clothes kept in their cubbies. Sometimes one isn’t enough especially if they have lots of messy diapers.

This month we will be doing some Mother’s Day gifts for you lovely mom’s as well as other art projects throughout the month.

We hope this month is a lot of fun and we wish all the mom’s a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Miss Stephanie and the Purple Room


Blue Room News:

Last month in the Blue Room, we enjoyed doing Easter art project spending more time on the playground as the weather got nicer going for buggy rides, and more.

This month we will focus on things in nature we will do flower art projects, spend more time outside to discover things in nature and more.

I look forward to seeing you at moms and Muffins on May 4th.

As always if you have any question let us know!


Mrs. Kita and the Blue Room team


Green Room News:

The Green Room friends spent April working on their colors, shapes, and numbers.  Some of the children’s favorite activities included playing with rhythm sticks, making a number caterpillar, dropping bath tabs in water, and playing with shape sensory bags.  Of course, they also had a blast celebrating Easter!

For May, our theme will be “The Alphabet in Nature.”  We will be working on letter identification, while exploring the natural world around us.  It should be an exciting month!

Also this month, Ms. Rosemary will be going back to part time, and Miss Kerrigan will be taking on the full-time co-teacher position.  We are looking forward to having her in the classroom more frequently.

Have a great month!

Ms. Rosemary and the Green Room team


Yellow Room News:

Last month in The Yellow Room, we did units on zoo animals, birds, and insects. We also celebrated both Easter and the start of spring! Some of our activities included reading Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, singing our “Owl In The Tree” Song, coloring spiders, doing a jelly bean counting activity, painting butterflies for our spring bulletin board, and more. We also welcomed Jaxon from The Green Room. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will be doing units on circus animals, puppies, transportation, and more. It looks to be a fun and exciting month!

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!


Mrs. Julia And The Yellow Room Team


Orange Room News:

Last month we spent a lot of time outside jumping in rain puddles, playing at the park, and going on long walks to the “waterfall”! We learned about flowers, bunnies, and did Easter activities. Thank you once again to all of the parents that were able and willing to take time out of their day to come spend time with the kids at our picnic, they had tons of fun!

In May we will be doing Mother’s Day arts and crafts, and a Disney theme! When we start our Disney theme I will be asking every kid to bring in their favorite Disney book to read, so please

label it so it does not get misplaced. This month we will also plant flowers to learn about taking care of plants and what they need to live!

This month we say goodbye to Hazel, she will be going into the Red Room, and we are welcoming in Ethan and Coraline! We are all very excited to play with you! As it starts to get hot out, please make sure to bring in sunscreen, if I do not put a note on your cubby then you still have

extra from last year that is not expired! Also, please make sure to have 2 outfits of extra clothes and trade out the winter clothes for summer clothes. I am also asking that you bring in a sippy

cup/water bottle to leave at LS so the kids are able to bring them outside with them and get a drink whenever needed, I will keep them washed!

Starting May 13th Miss Bethany will be leaving us for the Purple Room (lucky them), and Miss Kenzie will be full time with us, all of the kids know and love her very much, we are super excited!

Conferences will be the week of May 20-24, I will put out a sign-up sheet soon!

Miss Lauren and the Orange Room staff


Red Room News:

I hope everyone had a great April, the weather was crazy as usual.  Our themes this month will be Cinco de Mayo, Bugs, Gardening and Dinosaurs!

Show and Tell will be May 17th.

Conferences will continue the 8th and 15th.  If there is a different time that you would like to set up, let me know and we can definitely do that.

Please make sure your child has enough clothing in their cubbies/backpacks if they need to change at all.  We will also start applying sunscreen, please bring in a bottle of lotion!

May will be my last month at Little Stars.  It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned so much being here.  Miss Gabi will be the new teacher which is ideal because she already has a great relationship with the kids!

We will be closed Memorial Day, enjoy your long weekend!

-Miss Kali



Rainbow Room News:

Happy May! With the weather getting a lot nicer out, we have been getting outside so much more. Remember to please send your child in closed toed shoes, to help keep their feet safe! Also, please bring a bottle of sunscreen in, we go outside at least twice a day and don’t want to the kids to get burnt!

I will be having conferences May 7th and 8th from 3-6, and May 13th and 16th from 7-10. Sign up sheet is outside the classroom. Feel free to sign up for a spot to meet and chat about your child progress. If you wish to not have a conference please let me know I have a sheet I will need you to sign.

Show and Tell will be on Friday, May 17th.

Please make sure your child has a blanket for a comfortable and enjoyable rest time. We have a few extras but it’s best for them to have their own.

Please make sure your child has a set of extra clothing in case of accidents or spills.

Feel free to chat with me or any of the Rainbow Room staff with any questions or concerns!

*Miss Courtney & the Rainbow Room Team*


Starlight Preschool Room News

May has arrived! That means school is almost out and summer is fast approaching.  This month we will be learning about flowers, gardening, bugs and Mother’s Day!

April 29th- May 3rd: April Showers bring May Flowers

May 6th- May 10th: Mother’s Day

May 13th- May17th: Gardening

May 20th- May 31st: Bugs

This month we will be talking about the letters Ww, Xx, Yy and Zz!

****Weather is getting nice! Please make sure you bring your child a light coat or sweatshirt. We will try to get outside as much as possible. Also make sure you have 2 sets of extra clothes in your child’s cubby.****

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Ms. Alicia and the Starlight Team



2019 Closing Dates

 May 27th – Memorial Day

July 4th – Independence Day

August 1st – Maintenance Day

August 2nd – Teacher Workshop

September 2nd – Labor Day

November 28th & 29th – Thanksgiving

December 24th & 25th – Christmas