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July 2018


Just a reminder to parents.  Little Stars hours are from 7am – 6pm.  If you arrive at Little Stars before 7am you must stay with your child.  Our teachers come in at 6:45 to prep the classroom and get ready for the day.  Pick up time is at or before 6pm.  If you pick up after 6pm, you will be charged a late pick up fee.   We also want to remind parents that children need to be supervised at all times.  That includes drop off and pick up.  Do not send your child alone to the classroom or allow them to wander the building without an adult.  If you have any questions regarding drop off, pick up, or supervision let us know.  Thanks so much!


We do go outside twice a day.  Please make sure that your child has appropriate shoes for outside play!



Featured Staff of the Month!

Lauren Strahan is our July employee of the month.  She has been with Little Stars since February 2016.  She currently works in the yellow room.


Lavender Room News:

Last month we have said goodbye to one of our boys Finn as he transitioned to the purple room. We will miss him so much and I know he will have lots of fun making new memories and friends.

This month we welcome three new babies to the Lavender Room. Addison, Tess, and Khyler. We can’t wait to meet you guys and to have more new faces added to our room, plus having more girls! We will see you guys soon!

I hope last month all the daddy’s loved their Father’s Day gift! I know the kiddos had lots of fun modeling for you.  The Little Stars picnic was so much fun and turned out great! It was such a nice night and I’m sure tummies got full.

This month we will be doing a ton of summer projects for the little ones to do to get in the summer spirit.

*Reminder that Little Stars is closed on July 4th

*If anyone would like to bring in some plastic bags for us to use that would be great.

I can’t wait to see what this month brings! I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!

Miss Stephanie and the Lavender Room Team



Purple Room News:


Blue Room News:

Last month we said good bye to our friend Cruz who has transitioned to the green room. We welcomed our new friend Arthur who is new to the center. We welcome Miss Ashley to the

room she will be our opener and closer.

Little Stars is closed July 4th however we are opened the 3rd and the 5th if you know you will be gone please let us know

It was so much fun the first time we are going to do it again. July 19th we are going to be doing another water day. Just like last time I will send a sheet home closer to the date

Please go through your child’s extra cloths and make sure they have extras in their basket.

We are asking for sunscreen please make sure your child has some in the center for we will be putting it on the in the morning and the afternoon when we go outside.

Many parent have asked about bringing in a sun hat or sun glasses both are fine for the child to have we just asked that it be labeled so we know who it belongs to.  With warm weather means sandals, the kids can were sandals however we ask that they be

closed toed for they will be climbing in and out of sandboxes and we don’t want the tripping.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach me at or by text message at 612-306-2983.

Thanks Miss Kali and the Blue Room Staff



Green Room News:


June seemed to fly by as we fun celebrating Summer.  The children enjoyed activities such as playing with worms, painting with golf balls, spinning like tornados, and playing in sand.  Although it rained frequently, we still had plenty of fun times outside.

   During July our theme will be “Summer Destination.”  We will be talking about camping, concerts,and other fun events.  Of course, we also look forward to celebrating the Fourth of July.

   Have a great Summer!

   Miss Rosemary and the Green Room Team


Yellow Room News:

Last month in The Yellow Room, we did units on friendship, the beach, and camping. We also celebrated the official start of summer. Some of our activities included making a “We Are All Friends In The Yellow Room” sign, reading Beach Day By Karen Roosa, painting with Kool-Aid and ice, making s’mores with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow spread, and more. We also said good-bye to Carter and Rowen as they transitioned to The Orange Room and to Tripti who moved to a different state. We welcomed Madelyn, Beckett, and Bryson to The Yellow Room. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will start off by celebrating the Fourth Of July. Then, we will also do units on summer fairs, health/taking care of yourself, and more. It looks to be a fun and exciting month!

As always, if you have any questions, let us know!


Mrs. Julia and the Yellow Room Team


Orange Room News:

Hello Orange Room families! This month’s lesson plan themes will be:

America: June 25 – July 6

Ocean: July 9 – 20

Bugs: July 23 – Aug 35

Little Stars will be closed July 4th .

We’ll be open regular hour on July 5th

﹡ Please make sure your child has a blanket for a comfortable and enjoyable rest

time. We have a few extras but it’s best for them to have their own.

﹡ Please make sure your child has a set of extra clothing in case of accidents or spills.

Feel free to chat with me or any Orange Room staff if you have any questions or concerns

 – Miss Simone


Red Room News:

Summer seems to be flying by so fast!  A lot of transitions have been happening, this is always exciting!  I hope the new Red Room Friends are enjoying themselves.

We will be learning about America, Summer, Dinosaurs and Ocean Life.  It’s National Ice Cream Month so I plan on walking to Mom and Pops for a cool treat! Please bring in $2.00 for you child to purchase a mini.  This will be July 19.

Show and Tell will be on July 26th. This is so fun for the kids and it’s great for them to stand and talk in front of their friends.

Please make sure your child has enough clothing in their cubbies/backpacks and closed toe shoes.  It’s important each child is prepared with the possibility of spills or accidents. We will be putting sunscreen on the kids, please bring in a bottle of lotion!  We like to be outside at least 30 minutes twice per day.

-Miss Kali


Rainbow Room News:

We are excited to welcome Courtney as the lead teacher in the Rainbow Room.  She has worked in the preschool rooms since June 2017.  If you have any questions or concerns during the transition, please let us know.

We are having The Preschool Graduation at 6:30 on July 26th at Sibley Park.  Come enjoy some cake and icecream!  We will miss all of our big kiddos heading off to kindergarten.  Good Luck and come back to visit!


Starlight Preschool Room News

Happy July!! Summer is here!   We will be having our Little Stars Graduation get together at Sibley Park on Thursday, July 26th, at 6:30!  If your kiddo is going off to kindergarten we’d love to have you come and celebrate these awesome kids!  We’ll have cake and icecream and the kids can play and enjoy Sibley Park!

I’m planning on having show and tell each Friday during the summer months and I”ll send out a message on Remind as well each week.

Also, we enjoy going on walks quite a bit…please if you send your child in sandals we ask that you have tennis shoes to switch into. We want your kids to be safe and comfy on our walks. Thanks!

**As a reminder, please keep in mind the minimal space we have in our cubbies and keep extra things from home to a minimum as well as keep pillows to a small size and blankets to a reasonable size.**

 Thanks for having terrifically amazing kids!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Miss Amanda and the Starlight Team


2018 Closing Dates

July 4th – Independence Day

August 3rd – Teacher Workshop Day

September 3rd – Labor Day

November 22nd & 23rd – Thanksgiving

December 24th & December 25th – Christmas