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May 2020


As we continue to battle Coronavirus, please keep us posted to any changes in your child’s schedule and/or any concerns you may have.  Thank you everyone for your patience and support during this time.  It is definitely new territory for everyone.  We actively keep our classroom groups to 10 people or less, increase our cleaning and consistency.

As children return to Little Stars we hope to make the transition as easy as possible.  Some of the children returning may be in a new room due to keeping groups of 10 or less.  Please give me as much notice of your return as you can so that I can make arrangements for their return.

Thanks, Rhonda


Bring in sunscreen for your child.  Please bring in lotion and not spay sunscreen.  The spray ruins the floors!



Featured Staff of the Month!

Brynn Desens is our May employee of the month.  Brynn has worked at Little Stars since January 2020.


Lavender Room News:

Last month we transitioned Ty and Forest to the Purple Room. We miss them very much but we know they are loving being able to have free reign of the classroom and are enjoying meeting new friends. Next, we welcomed Reese to our classroom in April. We have enjoyed getting to know her so far and are excited to help her grow and learn new things.

This month we will be doing some spring art projects, so if your baby comes home

with colorful feet or hands, that’s why! We will be having some staff leave us and others joining us in the Lavender room this month as well. With our ever-changing world, we are doing our best to keep everyone updated, as well as safe when they are at school. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or talk to one of the other girls.

I am looking forward to a great month!

-Miss Tasha and the Lavender Room


Purple Room News:

Its May! It is finally warming up outside and we are all so excited to get outside and play! Sophia transitioned to the blue room last week and we are going to miss her so much! She has grown so much in the purple room and will only continue to grow and learn as she moves on. We welcomed Ty and Forest last week also and they are already learning the routine and growing every day! It is so exciting to see the growth happening so fast. We are also going to be

welcoming Oliva to the purple room this month and can’t wait to have her! This

month we have so many fun activities planned for outside since it is warmer and

we can enjoy the sunshine! We have been going for walks and enjoying being our

little playground every day! We are hoping our friends start coming back soon so

they can all play and grow together! We are excited for another great month If

you have any questions feel free to see me in the morning or send me a message

in the afternoon!

Miss Jess


Blue Room News:

Last month in The Blue Room, we celebrated both the start of spring and Easter! Look for art projects around the room that relate to both things. As the weather got nicer, we also spent a lot more time outside. We went out to the playground a lot and went for many walks as well. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will focus on our social/emotional skills and we will continue to practice sharing.

Welcome back to all our friends who have returned! We still miss those of you who have not returned yet and we hope everyone will be able to come back soon!

As always, if you have any questions, let us know!

Stay safe and healthy! Thanks!

Mrs. Nikita and The Blue Room Team


Green Room News:

Throughout April, the Green Room friends enjoyed learning about “The Basics”– numbers, colors, and shapes.  Some of our favorite activities included finding numbers on the houses in our community, playing “What Shape is This,” and using Skittles to turn water a new color.  Of course, we also had plenty of fun celebrating Easter!

    This month’s theme will be “The Alphabet in Nature.”  During this time, we will be learning to identify letters, as well as exploring the natural world around us.  It should be an exciting month.

    Also in May, Miss Hannah will be joining the Green Room as co-teacher with Ms. Rosemary.  As you have probably noticed, Ms. Rosemary is looking forward to having her first child in  July.  Miss Hannah will be lead teacher when Rosemary leaves at the end of June until she returns toward the end of August.  We are glad to welcome Miss Hannah to our classroom!

    Please remember to fill your child’s cubby with weather appropriate extra clothes.  Thanks.

Ms. Rosemary and the Green Room Team.


Yellow Room News:

Last month in The Yellow Room, we did units on zoo animals, insects, and birds. We also celebrated both Easter and the official start of spring. Some of our activities included reading Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, coloring a spider, singing “The Owl In The Tree,” practicing saying “Happy Easter,” painting paper plate umbrellas, and more. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will do units on dogs, circus animals, dinosaurs, transportation, and more. It looks to be a fun and exciting month!

Welcome back to all of our friends who have returned! We still miss those of you who have not returned yet and we hope that everyone will be able to come back soon!

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Stay healthy! Thanks!

Mrs. Julia And the Yellow Room Team



Orange Room News:

In the month of April we had units on weather, dinosaurs and Earth. In the month of May we will be learning about seasons, community helpers and “My Favorite Books”. We will be doing show and tell this month, so keep your eyes out for news on when!! This month we will also be welcoming a friend from yellow room, Macayle, we are so excited to have her join us!

I have posted the conference schedule on the classroom door for you guys to sign up. If you would like a conference, but the posted days/times do NOT work please let me know and we will set something up.

Just a reminder that our staffing schedule will be changing on May 11th. I will be in the classroom 6:45-2, then in the afternoon you will see Miss Hannah or Miss Emily! During this time our schedule may change frequently as children come back. If you have any questions or concerns about it please talk to myself or one of the orange room staff.

As of now I plan to be gone the last week of May for drill at Camp Ripley. Miss Kalee will be in the classroom to help out while I am gone. I will keep you all updated as it gets closer! Hope you all have a great month and are staying healthy!!


Miss Dom and the Orange Room staff


Red Room News:

Last month, we learned about Easter, Earth day, Spring & weather. This month we are going to learn about Mother’s Day, gardening, space, & flowers. We will also be doing some chalk games on the sidewalk. I am excited to see some of the kids starting to come back, we have missed them.

REMINDER: We are closed Monday May 25th for Memorial Day.

Please keep bringing a light jacket for your children so we can go outside & enjoy the weather. Also, please keep an extra set of clothes for your child in their cubbies in case of accidents or spills. They can bring a blanket and pillow for nap time for them to be comfortable, we do have extras but not a lot..

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Miss Emily & Red Room Team



Rainbow Room News:

My name is Lorena and I am very happy to be taking over the role as lead teacher for Rainbow room. In the next couple months, we will continue to prepare for the exciting transition to kindergarten. Along with basic math and reading skills, we will keep practicing our listening and social skills. If you have requested a conference, please contact me by email with a time that

would work best for you. I can make almost anything work! You can contact me at May is going to be all about plants, flowers, insects, fish, and

amphibians. I hope everyone looks forward to getting their hands dirty.

Miss Lorena and the Rainbow Room


Starlight Preschool Room News

No News this Month


2020 Closing Dates

January 1st – New Year’s Day

April 17th – Teacher Workshop Day

May 25th – Memorial Day

July 3rd – Independence Day

August 6th & 7th – Maintenance & Workshop

September 7th – Labor Day

November 26th & 27th – Thanksgiving

December 24th & 25th – Christmas

December 31st – Close at 4 New Year’s Eve