Infant Room Newsletters

Lavender Room News

Last month we said goodbye to August as he left the lavender room and transitioned to the purple room. He is already making new friends and learning so much in the purple room! This month we are expecting to welcome a couple of new kids into the lavender room so keep an eye out for some new faces! Starting this month, we will have a few new staff in the lavender room, Abby, Brianna, and Megan. They have been working in the infant rooms for a while now and are super excited to be apart of our team. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of the Lavender Room staff!-Ms. Sarah and the Lavender Room


Purple Room Newsletter

Hello Purple Room,

We are welcoming October!

This month we will be busy busy busy with autumn crafts. We have already been finger painting. Peek in and see our Thumbkin Patch!

The weather will be cooler, so please remember to dress your child accordingly and bring jackets, shoes, gloves, and hats for their cubby. We will be enjoying every ounce of good weather that we can!

Keep an eye open on the Little Stars website. We will be updating pictures of fun times we are sharing in the purple room!

–Miss Nickie