Green Room Newsletter

Green Room Newsletter

October 26th  – October 30th

Unit topic: Halloween

Dramatic play: Grocery store

Sensory Table: Spiders, webs, tweezers

   The Green Room friends spent last week focused on pumpkins.  We started by exploring some real pumpkin that were white, unlike most other pumpkins we see.  These pumpkins were also dirty from growing in the garden, so the children got to work washing them in the sensory table.  They later enjoyed painting the pumpkins new colors.  Some of our other projects included tossing balls into jack-o-lanterns, cutting paper pumpkins, and learning about emotions.

   This week we will be celebrating Halloween with some more pumpkin fun and spooky spiders.  We plan to squish pumpkin guts, make pumpkin yogurt bites, and play with toy spiders in the sensory table.  Of course, we will be having some extra Halloween fun on Friday.  You are welcome to send your child’s costume and bring treats to share with our twelve friends on Friday.

   This week, we welcome our new friend, Ida.  We look forward to getting to know her and her family.

Please return your conference preference form as soon as you can.

   Next week, we will be doing a team work tie dye project for our lesson on friends.  Please bring a white t-shirt, if you would like your child to have his or her own shirt.

Sneak peak into next week: We are thankful for our friends