Green Room Newsletter

Green Room Newsletter

May 26th – May 29th

Unit topic: L, M, N, P

Dramatic play: Doctor/ Vet

Sensory Table: Birds and nests


The Green Room friends had plenty of fun with the letters H, I, J, and K.  Be sure to take notice of the horse collages hanging over the sign-in counter.  The children were very excited to make these and to gallop like horses at dance time.  They also got their bodies moving quite a bit on “K” day, when they hopped like kangaroos (while holding pouches with baby kangaroos) and danced to Australian music.  During art, they enjoyed using water colors to paint kangaroos.  Of course, they day wouldn’t have been complete without reading Eric Carle’s Do Kangaroos Have a Mother, Too?  “J” stood for jellyfish.  The children were very interested to watch Ms. Rosemary make jellyfish goo by mixing flour, water, and oil.  Since they decided that jellyfish are probably purple, Ms. Rosemary also added purple food coloring.  After reading One Giant Splash, we scooped the jellyfish goo into freezer bags.  The toddler had a lot of fun manipulating the squishy goo, without making a huge mess!  However, messes are a part of learning.  That’s why we weren’t too worried about our melting paint puddles when we painted with ice on Thursday.  Our friends liked that the paint was cold and slippery.  They were also excited to discover that it broke when banged on the table.  You’ll find our ice art mural hanging in our eating area.

This week we continue with L, M, N, P.  Our plans include making peach smoothies, exploring nests, gathering lilacs, and coloring monkeys.  We look forward to another great week.

Ms. Steph will be on vacation this week.  Ms. Rosemary, Miss Kylie, Miss Jessica, and several others will be filling in for her.

Sneak peak into next week: O, R, S, T