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Little Stars Center News

February 2018


Dress up Days February 12 – 16

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday:  Hat & Crazy Hair

Wednesday:  Red/Pink/Hearts

Thursday:  Super Hero/Favorite Character

Friday:  Beach Day


To improve communication for parents regarding center announcements we have incorporated the Group Me App!  See Rhonda, Collette, or Lauren if you would like more information regarding getting signed up!


It is cold outside.  Make sure your child has appropriate clothing for outside play!



Featured Staff of the Month!

Natalie is our February Employee of the Month.  She started at Little Stars in January 218.  She works in our kitchen.  She makes sure all of our children get their breakfast, lunch, and snack!


Lavender Room News:

Last month we began the New Year with some new faces to fill our class and it has been such a blast getting to know each one of you so far. We did say goodbye to two of our babies, Nora and Braxton. They are doing so well in the Purple room making new friends and starting new adventures with their new teachers.

It’s February! This month we are happy to announce that we are getting a few more little ones to join our classroom. Mya, and Joshua. We can’t wait to see you guys soon and to start a new journey with us in the Lavender Room.

Since it’s the lovely month of February, we will be having some dress up days coming up Feb 12th-Feb16th. They will be posted up front as you walk in through the doors as well as on the Lavender Room Bulletin Board. It’s so fun to see what our little friends look like during dress up week!

We will be doing some art projects for this Valentine month so I hope everyone is ready for lots of red and pink throughout the room.

Miss Stephanie and the Lavender Room Team



Purple Room News:

Last month in the Purple room, we did a unit on polar bears.  Some of our activities included making polar bear handprints and footprints, reading “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” and singing “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider.”

This month we will do a unit on Valentine’s Day and hearts.  Some of our activities will include making heart handprints and footprints, reading “Llama, Llama, I Love You” and “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse.”  We will also sing “Tiny Turtle.”

As always, if you have any questions let me know.  I can be reached at 507-351-1129 if I am not at Little Stars.


Mrs. Nikita and the Purple Room Team


Blue Room News:

Last month we welcomed Jaxon in to our room from the purple room. We said good bye our friend’s Coraline, and Evie who has gone to the green room. We also said good bye to our friend Maliki as he has left the center we wish him well.

I will be passing out a list of the kid’s names to anyone interested in passing out valentine treats. You do not have to bring anything in but, if you would like you can, we ask that it is NUT free as we have a sever nut allergy in the room.

It is cold and there is snow please make sure you are brining in the winter items as we be going out as often as we can

The week of Valentine’s Day (12-16) we will be doing a dress up week. The days are:

Monday: PJ day

 Tuesday: crazy hat and hair day

Wednesday: red/pink (Valentine’s Day)

Thursday:  super hero/ character day

Friday: beach day

This month themes are: Valentine’s Day, and red/pink

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach me at

Thanks Miss Kali and the Blue Room Staff



Green Room News:


The Green Room got the year off to a good start with an exciting unit on animals.  The children had fun playing with feathers during bird week, making a giant zoo collage, touching real deer antlers and pheasant feathers, and learning about ocean animals.  Be sure to check out some of the month’s artwork hanging on our walls!

Our theme for February will be “In the Community.”  With this, we will be focusing on community helpers, vehicles, and the American flag.  Of course, we also look forward to a week of Valentine’s fun!  It looks to be another interesting month.

Please make sure your child has waterproof mittens, so that he or she can fully enjoy playing in the snow.  Thanks.

Happy February!

Miss Rosemary and the Green Room Team


Yellow Room News:

Last month in The Yellow Room, we did units on winter/winter animals and the colors blue, orange, and green. Some of our activities included decorating snowflakes with stickers, frosting graham crackers with blue frosting and then getting to eat them, reading all the color books by Sarah L. Schuette, painting cucumbers, and more. We also said good-bye to both Rohan and Evelyn as they transitioned to The Orange Room and we welcomed Kessly and Hazel to The Yellow Room. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will do units on the colors red and purple, farm animals, and more. We will also celebrate Valentine’s Day! It looks to be a fun and exciting month!

As always if you have any questions, let us know!


Mrs. Julia and the Yellow Room Team


Orange Room News:

Hello Orange Room families!  This month’s lesson plan themes will be:

Kindness Jan 29 – Feb 2

Hearts Feb 5 – 16

Dr. Seuss Feb 19 – March 2

Orange Room Friends:

Last month we welcomed Rohan and Evelyn to the Orange Room. This month our friends Kendrick, Lilliana, and Seaver will be transitioning to the Red Room.

Valentine’s Day Week:

Looks for signs posted regarding special dress-up days the week of Valentine’s Day.

We will be having a Valentine’s Day party in the Orange Room.  Feel free to bring simple Valentines for your child to exchange.  No need for fancy or expensive treats.

Friendly Reminders:

Weather permitting we like to go outside every day to play and get fresh air.  Please send your child with a warm coat, snow pants, winter boots, a hat, and mittens.  Gloves are okay but we really love mittens.  

Also, please label all of your child’s thing with their first and last name.

Blankets – Please remember to bring a blanket to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable rest time.

Extra Clothing – Please make sure your child has a set of extra clothing in their cubby.

As always please feel free to chat with me or any Orange Room staff if you have any questions or concerns – Miss Simone


Red Room News:

We welcome another month, January flew by but it was a great one.  This month we will be learning about Groundhogs Day, Valentine’s Day, Pete the Cat Books, and Dental Awareness.  It will be a busy but exciting month!

Our Valentine’s Party will be on the 14th, there is a class list on the cubbies if you wish to take one home.  Show and Tell will be February 23rd, the kiddos really enjoy this and it’s great to see them speak in front of their peers.

With all the colds going around, feel free to bring in medicine for your child!  Ask a staff for a med form and we will gladly help you out with this.

It’s so fun to play outside!  Please make sure your child has a coat, mittens, gloves, boots and snow pants with their name on them.  It’s very easy for these items to go missing.  We like to get outside for at least 30 minutes twice per day, so it’s important each child has all the proper clothing.

Thanks and Happy February,

Miss Kali and Red Room Staff


Rainbow Room News:


Week 1: Friendship

Week 2: Valentine’s Day

Week 3: Opposites

Week 4: Colors

Welcome new friends!


For those of you that are new the Rainbow Room, we have some great teachers in

our classroom. Miss Morgan is with us in the morning, Miss Courtney is with us all

day, and Miss Megan is with us in the afternoon. If you have any questions or

concerns, please feel free to relay them to any of the teachers. Otherwise, there is a

Teacher-Parent communication notebook on the cubbies next to the door. I am at

Little Stars from 7:45-3:30 every day if you need to connect with me personally.

Show & Tell

On Friday, February 23 rd , Rainbow Room will have a Show & Tell Day! Your child is

welcome to bring something to share with the class. We will share our toys and have

some time to play with them in the morning, then we will keep our toys in our cubbies

for the remainder of the day. We will continue to have Show & Tell on the last Friday of each month.

Miss Becca and the Rainbow Room Team


Starlight Preschool Room News

Happy Fabulous February! Throughout the month of February we will be focusing on a Valentine and Hibernation theme   so keep an eye out for some fun projects! This month show and tell will be Friday, February, 16th. I’ll send an announcement through Remind as well as post it outside our classroom door.

Also, with the winter season upon us please remember to have your child wear a hat, winter coat, and mittens/gloves. Once the snow flies please have them in snow pants and boots as well.

**As a reminder, please keep in mind the minimal space we have in our cubbies and keep extra things from home to a minimum as well as keep pillows to a small size and blankets to a reasonable size.**

 Thanks for having terrific kids!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Miss Amanda, Miss Katie and the Starlight Team


2018 Closing Dates

April 13th – Teacher Workshop Day

May 28th – Memorial Day

August 3rd – Teacher Workshop Day

September 3rd – Labor Day

November 22nd & 23rd – Thanksgiving

December 24th & December 25th – Christmas