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May 2017


Mark your calendars!  Little Stars annual picnic at Sibley Park will be June 15th at 6:30.  We will have a pot luck and it is a great way to meet other Little Stars families.  More information will be distributed as the date gets closer.


If there are changes in your schedule for the summer, please let Rhonda know as soon as possible.


Conferences will be held this month for our classrooms.  Please see the sign-up sheets in the classrooms for times that work best for you.  If you have any questions regarding conferences, please see your child’s teacher.


As the weather warms up, we will be going outside more!  Please make sure your child has appropriate outside gear.  Also start to bring in sunscreen.  We ask that you do not bring in spray sunscreen, only lotion.  Thanks!


Featured Staff of the Month!

Makenzie Drahota is May Employee of the Month.  She has been with Little Stars since April 2016.  She works in the infant rooms.


Lavender Room News:

Last month we transitioned Louis and Ivy to the Purple Room! They seem to be doing great and are having a blast making new friends and new adventures! This month we are glad to introduce Chloe Schott. We are so excited to meet you and to see how well you improve while you join our Lavender Room class!

Also, last month was so fun and all the children had a great time making Easter projects and celebrating with their families over the weekend. I heard great things about the Easter Bunny and all the Easter egg hunts and the children getting lots and lots of candy! It was a very fun month.

This month, the schedule will be changing a little. The Lavender Room will have new staff for the summer so don’t be alarmed when you see new faces. It’s a chance to meet new people! We congratulate Lauren Halverson as she will be taking a position at the front desk as an Administrator! We are all so happy for her as she makes this new positon a whole new adventure. We will miss you! Also, Makenzie Drahota will be moving next door to Purple Room. She is going to do great and we will miss her so much as well!

Rainy, rainy days are here! Let’s make sure that the children still wear clothes that keep them warm so they don’t get the sniffles. There will be beautiful days out there somewhere! I do ask that you bring in some sun screen. We will be visiting the outdoors once the nice weather comes. The sun screen that you bring in can’t be spray, it should be lotion just because we can’t spread the sun screen to other children and we have heard it stains the floors. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Mother’s Day is approaching! We will be making wonderful Mother’s Day projects as well as other cute looking art all around our room. We are so proud of you Mother’s as you do so much for your children and you are always there for them. This month will be so enjoyable and we will have so much fun making your day so special! Thank you for all that you do!

Stephanie Schlee and the Lavender Room


Purple Room News:


Blue Room News:

Hello, Blue Room families, we a few changes last month we said good bye to Rowen and Margo who have transitioned to the green room and said a final fair well to Miss Mary who has left the center we wish her well. We have welcomed are new friends Maddy, Eva, and Declan from the purple room. .

The weather is getting warmer outside that means that we are asking for sunscreen. Collette has asked that it not be a spray sunscreen for it can get in the children’s eyes. Please bring in a bottle of lotion sunscreen.

We have added new photos to the website (  If you are having issues logging in, let me know, and I will make sure you have the right login information.

We are going to be making a family tree this month. We will be asking parents to bring in a family photo that we can hang up in the classroom.

Thanks, Miss Kali and the Blue Room Staff


Green Room News:


The Green Room friends spent April becoming more familiar with colors, shapes, and numbers.  Some of our projects included making colorful ice volcanoes, searching for shapes in our neighborhood, and counting raisins.  Of course, we also had plenty of fun celebrating Easter.


This month, we begin our “Alphabet in Nature” unit.  We will be spending the next five weeks or so learning to identify letters and exploring the outdoors.  We hope for warmer weather, so that we can spend as much time outside as possible.


Conferences will be offered this month.  A sign up sheet will be posted on the classroom door.


Please make sure your child has at least two full sets of extra clothes in his or her cubby.


Have a marvelous May!


Miss Rosemary and the Green Room Team


Yellow Room News:

Last month in The Yellow Room we continued our animals unit by doing units on zoo animals, water animals, and bugs. We also celebrated Easter. Some of our activities included reading Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, making turtles, painting with fly swatters, doing a jelly bean counting activity, and more. We also welcomed Auggie and Mason to The Yellow Room. It was overall a very fun and successful month!

This month, we will continue our animals unit by doing units on birds, circus animals, puppies, dinosaurs, and more. It looks to be a fun and exciting month!

As always if you have any questions, let us know. Thanks!

Mrs. Julia And The Yellow Room Team


Orange Room News:

Hello Orange Room families!  Spring is finally here and there have been a few changes in our room.  If I have not met you yet – Hello! I’m Miss Simone and I am very happy to be the new lead teacher.

News for the Orange Room

We will be welcoming some new friends this month.  Charlie, Elsa, Molly, and Lincoln will be joining us from the Yellow Room.   Also, we are very excited for the playground construction to begin soon.


Please remember to bring a blanket for your child every day so their rest time is nice and cozy.  We recommend sending a blanket on Monday (or their first day of the week here) and bringing it home to be washed on Friday (or their last day of the week here).

Also, please have at least one clean pair of extra clothes to leave here for your child – Thank you!

Please always feel free to chat with me if you have any questions or concerns.

Miss Simone


Red Room News:

I hope everyone had a great April, this month is going to be busy!  There will be many kiddos transitioning into the Rainbow Room due to the Starlight Room opening for Kindergarten ready kids.  This will take place the week of May 22.  I will be sad to see these friends go but know they are excited and will do great!  If there are any questions, let me know.  We welcomed a brand new friend, Grayson as well!

I will be doing conferences the 16th, 17th, and 23rd.  There is a signup sheet outside of the room.  If there is a different time that you would like to set up, let me know and we can definitely do that.

Our themes will be Cinco de Mayo, Bugs, Gardening, and our Solar System.  Show and Tell will be May 25th.

With the weather being so inconsistent and with the possibility of accidents,  please make sure your child has enough clothing in their cubbies/backpacks.  We like to get outside for at least 30 minutes twice per day, so it’s important each child is prepared.  We will also start putting sunscreen on the kids, please bring in a bottle of lotion!

We will be closed Memorial Day, enjoy your long weekend!

-Miss Kali


Rainbow Room News:

We had a fun and exciting April! We welcomed a few new friend into the room this past month, Evangeline. She is having a blast in our room.

Our themes for this month will be: Flowers, Mother’s Day, Gardening, and Bugs and Insects.

We are going to have a big change in our room. Kids going to kindergarten are going to transition into the Starlight Room where they will go on one field trip a week. We will be getting a lot of the Red Room friends starting May 22nd.

Please send an extra set of clothes with your child in case he/she needs to change. It is very helpful to have extra clothes, accidents happen!

It is that time of year again where we need to protect our skin from the sun. Please send some sunscreen to be kept in your child’s classroom. We do not want sunscreens that spray, provide the lotion kind.

We need to be prepared and make sure everyone is comfortable when we spend time outside. We will try to get outside as often as we can.
Also, please remember to check your child’s cubby daily.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Miss Alicia:

Miss Alicia, Miss Becca and the Rainbow Room Team


Starlight Preschool Room News

We can’t believe it’s May already!  Only a short time before we’re done for the school year and our oldest friends head off to Kindergarten in the fall!  We’ll be doing some fun end of the “school year” activities the last few weeks of class!

Miss Linda and I have enjoyed having your child in our class!  We’re going to miss them all so much!

Have a great summer!

Starlight Graduation Info:

When: May 12th at 10:45am

Where: Little Stars Large Muscle Room

*We’ll be having an ice cream party to follow our program up in our classroom*

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Amanda Ollig


May 29th – Memorial Day

July 4th – Independence Day

August 4th – Teacher Workshop Day

September 4th – Labor Day

November 23rd & 24th – Thanksgiving

December 25th & 26th – Christmas